WaveSub prototype ready for testing

Posted on 07 Nov 2017 and read 559 times
WaveSub prototype ready for testingSwansea-based Marine Power Systems (MPS) (www.marinepowersystems.co.uk) has unveiled a quarter-scale prototype WaveSub device at Pembroke Dock, ahead of a phase of sea-based trials.

This is a milestone in the global race to produce energy from ocean waves at a market-competitive price.

Over the last nine years, MPS has spent £5 million — secured through private investment and grants — developing the WaveSub.

The device is designed to capture wave energy around 10km from the shore, using the orbital motion of waves to drive a power-take-off system.

A full-scale WaveSub device —measuring 100m long and rated at 5MW — should be able to power around 5,000 homes (like a very large offshore wind turbine).

Its adjustable-depth feature enables it to ‘hide’ from storms, minimising the stress put on the device and enabling it to maintain its output in a broad range of sea states.

After the unveiling at Pembroke Dock, the WaveSub will be towed to FaBTest in Cornwall, where MPS will demonstrate its capabilities, its low maintenance costs and its survivability in the harshest of conditions.

MPS recently outlined its vision for wave power to contribute to 10% of global electricity demand by 2050.

MOS CEO Gareth Stockman said: “With nearly a decade of research and development invested in the WaveSub, we are now at a point where an affordable, scalable and reliable wave energy device is within our reach.

"With continued Government support and private investment, the WaveSub can bring down the cost of wave-power generation, so that in time it can compete favourably with offshore wind in terms of energy generation costs.

"Testing the quarter-scale WaveSub at FaBTest represents a milestone for MPS, we are delighted to have reached this point in its development.”

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