Meticulous cleaning on the Turbex stand

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Meticulous cleaning on the Turbex stand Being launched on the stand of Alton-based Turbex Ltd ( will be the ProLine 2 range of automated cleaning lines (Hall 7 Stand 240).

Intended for applications where a very high level of precision cleaning is needed, the four models in the range are the Easy, the Auto, the Semi and the Auto+.

Available in five tank sizes, these models offer different levels of capability — including semi-automatic handling — and cater for various component weights and production quantities. The Auto+ model includes a noise-reduction enclosure that doubles as a clean-room interface.

A hallmark of the machines is the ability of a single transducer to generate two different ultrasonic frequencies. Cycle times can therefore be significantly shorter, says Turbex, and there is the added advantage that dissimilar components and materials can be processed in the same tank.

An additional feature of ProLine 2 is the option of side-mounted ultrasonic technology for special component geometries. Different drying systems (for processing different materials) are available, including hot-air, infra-red and vacuum.

Also on the Turbex stand (and promoted for the first time in the UK) will be targeted cleaning, rinsing and drying technology in a single-chamber machine that uses a ‘global spray-flood action’ coupled with ‘controllable kinematics and rotating ultrasonic transducers’.

Aimed in particular at manufacturers in the hydraulics and die-casting industries, the targeted/global tandem process is intended for the removal of swarf, oil and other contaminants from difficult-to-reach areas such as undercuts, blind bores and intricate channels.

Central to the process is a tool-positioning system into which the parts to be cleaned are fixtured. Via integrated nozzles in specific locations to suit the components, water or air is guided directly into bores, channels, holes and other difficult-to-access areas.

Newly developed central bearing kinematics with dual-channel rotary feed-through assist projection of the cleaning medium, create flow with a high degree of turbulence. Currently, targeted cleaning is available on Java- and Palma-series machines.

A heavy-duty aqueous washing machine will also be on the stand; this is from the company’s AC-range of front-loading spray-washing and rinsing models. Completing the exhibits will be models from the Turbex range of bench-top and floor-standing ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

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