Laser scanner halves inspection times

Posted on 09 Jul 2018 and read 452 times
Laser scanner halves inspection timesCzech company Lukov Plast — a producer of injection-moulded plastic parts, electronic components and electrical sub-assemblies for the automotive industry — reports considerably faster inspection cycles and feature measurements following the purchase of a Nikon Metrology LC15Dx laser scanner (

The increasing complexity of the parts produced by the company places serious demands on the inspection department and requires the use of diverse metrology equipment.

Some components are safety-critical, including those used in autonomously driven cars, and all need to be of the highest quality.

Measuring technician Miroslav Pavlu said: “To manufacture assemblies and components that will withstand regular daily use, parts are subjected to various life-cycle and climatic tests, as well as quality assurance procedures and analysis to assess performance.

Previously, QA involved using various manual gauges and taking touch-probe measurements on a co-ordinate measuring machine. Larger plastic parts in particular were problematic when using tactile inspection techniques, as they were difficult to clamp without distortion.”

An LC15Dx laser scanner with Focus point-cloud software was deemed to be the best solution for Lukov Plast, and the equipment has already exceeded the company’s expectations.

Mr Pavlu said: “The laser scanner has accelerated measurement by about 50%, and the creation of programs for new parts is about 40% quicker. Costs are also lower, due to the use of fewer dedicated fixtures than are needed for traditional tactile inspection.

“Furthermore, the fact that the colour map is easy for our colleagues and customers to understand, without in-depth metrology knowledge, speeds measurement evaluation considerably. The result is a shorter time to market.”

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