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400 Amp Mig Welder. With Wire Feed
Manufacturer: JASIC
Model: MIG 400 (361)
Amperage: 400
Input: 400/3/50hz
Amperage range: 30 - 40
Manufacturer: JASIC Model: MIG 400 (361) Amperage: 400 Input: 400/3/50hz Amperage range: 30 - 40...
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Low temperature spray cleaner for plastic parts

Posted on 11 Jan 2021 and read 461 times
Low temperature spray cleaner for plastic partsGermany-based Zeller+Gmelin has developed the Divinol KC 1362 spray cleaner specifically for the surface cleaning of plastic parts at room temperature, considerably reducing the energy consumption required by traditional energy hungry powerwash systems.

Before plastic parts such as vehicle bumpers go into the paint shop, the workpieces must be cleaned and pre-treated. The cleanliness of the part surface is required to achieve the optimum result in the coating process.

Powerwash systems have been the tried and tested method for years for this pre-treatment. Plastic parts are treated with an aqueous cleaning solution at temperatures of usually 45 to 70°C by means of spray application. The high temperatures are necessary to dissolve stubborn dirt, but also to keep the baths low foaming, to avoid unnecessary maintenance.

spray cleaner burkhardtModern painting systems usually run 24/7 in continuous operation. The process temperature must therefore also remain permanently high during pre-treatment which is reflected in the high energy costs.

Top results at low temperatures

With the new Divinol KC 1362 spray cleaner energy costs are significantly reduced as temperatures from 25°C in the powerwash system are sufficient to achieve optimal results.

The heating up and continuous maintenance of high-process temperatures is not required which results in a more economical painting process.

Georg Burkhardt, Zeller+Gmelin project engineer (pictured) said: “We have developed a process-stable cleaner that achieves the required surface cleanliness at reduced bath temperatures. The new Divinol spray cleaner achieves top painting results.”

Jonas Wasserka, Zeller+Gmelin area manager, said: “With our aqueous cleaners for Powerwash systems, we are able to achieve high-purity surfaces on all common plastic surfaces. We offer alkaline and acidic products for a variety of applications — some of which are free of labelling.

“The Divinol KC 1362 spray cleaner does not require biocides and can be used without disturbing foam formation.

spray cleaner“Due to the low process temperature, less water evaporates during operation of the powerwash system, which also results in savings in water consumption.”

For Mr Wasserka, energy saving is the main benefit of using the new spray cleaner from Zeller+Gmelin: “Those who use less energy help to save resources and thus automatically protect the climate.”

In January 2020, Zeller+Gmelin, which is based in Eislington, qualified as a ‘climate neutral location’. All products - including the new Divinol Spray Cleaner 1362 KC - are produced, stored and delivered in a climate-neutral way.