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OKK VP400 Vertical Machining Center
This OKK VP400 Vertical Machining Center was manufactured in Japan in 2008. It has 25000 running hou
This OKK VP400 Vertical Machining Center was manufactured in Japan in 2008. It has 25000 running hou...

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What can you use an industrial laser cutter for?

Posted on 25 Sep 2021 and read 914 times
What can you use an industrial laser cutter for?Laser cutters are used by many manufacturing industries, including automotive, medical, and ceramics. It is a precise manufacturing technology that cuts several types of materials, such as glass and wood, allowing manufacturers to streamline their processes.

Despite a high initial cost, the precision it provides, alongside the time it saves, often makes it more than worth it in the long run. Here are some of applications a laser cutter can used for:

Creating production jigs

Production jigs are used to position tools to improve accuracy. Many manufacturers require a specific type of jig for it to work within their production environments, which is where an industrial laser cutter can be beneficial — using a laser cutter means jigs can be made as precise as possible, which results in higher accuracy in production. Of course, for optimum precision, a high-quality laser cutter is required machine, so it is best to look for a laser cutter in the UK that is well reviewed and respected in the industry.


Design iteration is a crucial process of product development for many manufacturers. When an inventor has a new idea, they need to create an early model to see whether it works and whether any improvements are required. With a laser cutter, they can create a prototype that is as accurate as possible, ensuring the finished product is perfect. Not only that, but laser cutting is a fast prototyping process, meaning it is very cost-effective.

Processing technical textiles

Technical textiles are fabrics used for non-aesthetic purposes. For example, they can be used for medical fabrics, sports, protective wear, aerospace applications, and more. For manufacturers who use these, laser cutters make the job much easier. The laser cutter cuts through the fabric precisely and with great detail. Depending on its composition, laser cutting textiles can also seal the edges to prevent fraying. These benefits along with highly accurate cutting paths enable technical textiles to be processed for the customer’s exact requirements.

Medical industry applications

Medical manufacturing needs to be as accurate as possible, and industrial laser cutters can cut many parts, including sensors, membranes, and other component parts. A versatile laser cutter is an excellent investment for quality and efficiency.

Create packaging

Laser cutting machines can also be used to great effect to create packaging. They can be utilised effectively by many industries due to the widespread need for packaging products. With a laser cutter, users can create unique packaging designs that work best for their customers, and this can be done using a variety of materials, including glass, paper and plastic.