Advances in nano-technology

Posted on 21 Jun 2015 and read 1403 times
Advances in nano-technologyBirmingham City University ( recently staged a two-day event examining developments in the field of nano-technology.

The Advances in nano-technology conference included talks, workshops and interactive sessions where scientists and engineers from around the world shared new ideas on the uses of nano-technology in medicine and health-care,
nano-mechanics and the industrial applications of graphene.

Mohammad Sakhawat Hussain — senior member at BCU’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment — said: “The conference provided a great opportunity to see and hear of the potential that nano-technology has to impact on our lives.

Professor Toshio Fukuda, from Nagoya University in Japan, talked about his research into how this ultra-small technology can help to do the thinking for surgeons in operating theatres using micro- and nano-robots, while Professor Jackie Ying, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, highlighted the possibilities that nano-technology has to cure cancers.”

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