High-performance steel drilling

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High-performance steel drillingMega-Drill-Steel-Plus — the latest addition to the Mega-Drill series from Rugby-based Mapal Ltd (www.mapal.com) — is now available in the UK.

Designed for the reliable and cost-effective drilling of steel, the drills feature enhanced wear resistance and performance, thanks to their modified cutting edges, chip flutes and twin cutting-edge geometry.

Mapal says that combined with a newly developed coating, tool-life improvements of 50% are achievable. In addition, the Mega-Drill-Steel-Plus can increase cutting speeds and feed rates by more than 15% compared with its predecessor.

Incorporating a 140deg point angle and a side rake angle of 30deg, these drills are available in 3xD, 5xD and 8xD variants in diameters from 3 to 25mm; drills from 3 to 12mm are offered in 0.1mm increments.

Supplied in both HA and HE shank forms, the Mega-Drill-Steel-Plus also has through-coolant capability.

Depending upon the chosen diameter, the 3xD drills are available with overall lengths from 62 to 153mm and flute lengths from 20 to 96mm, while the 5xD drills have overall lengths from 66 to 153mm and flute lengths from 22 to 101mm.

Finally, the 8xD drills offer overall lengths from 72 to 243mm and flute lengths from 34 to 190mm.

Other Mega-Drills in the Mapal range include individual types for Inconel, aluminium, hardened steel, Inox and composites.

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