Specialist grinding wheels introduced

Posted on 19 Apr 2017 and read 616 times
Specialist grinding wheels introducedCoventry-based Advanced Grinding Solutions Ltd (www.advancedgrindingsolutions.co.uk) has introduced a range of specialist grinding wheels provided by its abrasives partner Krebs & Riedel.

The Krebs Hi-Comp CBN and diamond wheels feature carbon-fibre composite wheel hubs to enhance strength and rigidity, while reducing weight. In fact, the hubs are over 75% lighter than traditional steel bodies, which reduces the load on the grinding spindles.

A further benefit is improved surface finish, because the carbon-fibre composite acts as a form of damper that helps to prevent vibration from being transferred to the point of grinding.

Krebs & Riedel Hi-Comp CBN wheels, which are available in diameters from 3 to 900mm, are said to be especially suitable for grinding hard-to-machine or high-alloy hardened steels (>54HRc), such as high-speed steels, tool steels, chromium steels, nickel-based alloys and white cast iron.

According to Krebs, the wheels can be used with surface speeds in the region of 160-200m/sec, which is much faster than conventional CBN wheels using steel hubs or cores.

Furthermore, because lower grinding forces are used to produce parts, it is possible to avoid component stress and defects such as the burning or cracking associated with very-high-speed grinding.

Wheel life is also extended, says the company; and because these wheels can be returned for re-coating/refurbishing, the carbon-fibre hub can be used numerous times before it eventually has to be replaced.

Advanced Grinding Solutions now holds over £80,000 worth of grinding wheels from Krebs in stock for same-day or next-day delivery to UK customers.

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