RK expands surface grinder range

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RK expands surface grinder rangeErith-based RK International Machine Tools Ltd (www.rk-int.com) is expanding its range of surface grinders by launching into the UK the Mini and Maxi ranges of travelling-column models from its long-term Italian principal Delta.

The Mini series encompasses three machines with maximum grinding areas ranging from 800 x 550mm to 1,600 x 650mm; the Maxi series features 15 models with grinding areas from 1,200 x 775mm to 3,000 x 1,100mm.

Both ranges feature a Meehanite cast-iron structure, and all machines benefit from hydrostatic support on all machine slideways (this is designed to generate zero friction and eliminate wear in order to maintain accuracy over extended periods of operation).

The spindle, which is carried on the travelling column, is a servo-ventilated type with a Mackensen hydro-dynamic bearing at the front and a pair of pre-loaded ball bearings at the rear. According to Delta, this set-up
provides zero wear, maximum durability and zero friction.

The machines come with a choice of control units; users can select from the Diastep, CN Plus Touchscreen or full Siemens Sinumerik.

The Diastep controls all machine functions, displays the axes and has automatic grinding cycles (accessed through a menu system); these include rough grinding, finish grinding, spark-out and automatic dressing with compensation.

This control also allows the operator to modify the entered parameters without interrupting the cycle.

The CN Plus Touchscreen also offers additional storage for part programs, as well as linear and interpolated wheel dressing on the table, thus making it possible to use wheels with parametric profiles, as well as perform multi-surface machining and shoulder grinding on the Y axis.

With the Siemens CNC option, users have access to an ‘unlimited’ number of workpiece machining cycles that can be recalled in sequence. Wheel dressing can be carried out with one or more diamonds, or with a dressing disc.

The control also includes an integrated CAD/CAM capability for generating and simulating profiles.

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Max blade 315mm, Speeds 22/44rpm, Motor 1.3/1.9kw, Cap at 90 degrees 100mm dia, 85mm square. Pedesta
Max blade 315mm, Speeds 22/44rpm, Motor 1.3/1.9kw, Cap at 90 degrees 100mm dia, 85mm square. Pedesta...
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