Laser cutter for automotive 'door rings'

Posted on 06 Aug 2017 and read 1190 times
Laser cutter for automotive 'door rings'Hot-stamped parts are increasingly replacing traditional metal-formed parts in the manufacture of vehicle frames.

For instance, among the trends currently ‘gaining momentum’ is the adoption of a new door-ring concept, whereby an element is hot-stamped as a single part rather than being a fabricated assembly of the usual four parts.

With this in mind, Coventry-based Prima Power UK Ltd ( has made Laser Next 2130 — a laser cutter for this specific application.

According to Prima Power, the new model maintains the performance of the existing 1530, but it offers increased working volume in the Y axis to suit the cutting of large hot-stamped components.

The Laser Next 2130 has a working volume of 3,050 x 2,100 x 612mm and a 5m turntable; to suit automotive-industry applications, this capacity is supported by a trajectory speed of 208m/min and 2.1g acceleration.

The machine can be equipped with a 3 or 4kW high-brilliance fibre laser developed and manufactured by Prima Power.

Direct motors and transducers are used for the machine’s main axes and focusing head. Prima Power says it is the only laser machine manufacturer to develop all the essential elements of its products in-house, including its new CF-series generators.

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