Proth surface grinders available in UK

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Proth surface grinders available in UKNow available in the UK and Ireland from Rugby-based TDT Technology Ltd ( is the Proth
series of surface grinders.

This includes saddle, column, double-column and over-arm type longitudinal surface grinders, alongside a series of rotary surface grinders, including double-column models.

The series of longitudinal surface grinders begins with the PSGS saddle machines. Three manual models at the smaller end of the range are supported by a further eight machines with numerical control; the largest machine in the saddle series offers maximum travels of 560 x 1,090mm (cross/longitudinal).

Proth column surface grinders are designated PSGC and are numerically controlled. There are 19 models in the range, with travels from 560 x 1,150 to 960 x 3,150mm. The surfaces of longitudinal table ways on all Proth machines are hand-scraped to help ensure precision.

Furthermore, these ways are designed to have slide surfaces longer than the working surface and equal to the table length; this configuration keeps the table free from torsion and deflection.

For even larger and more-robust surface-grinding requirements, TDT can offer Proth’s PSGP double-column planar machines. Again, there are19 models in the range, offering maximum travels from 1,200 x 1,650 to 1,900 x 6,150mm.

Clearance between the columns ranges from 1,200 to 2,000mm, depending on the model selected.

There are four models available in the Proth PSGO over-arm series of NC grinders, extending up to a maximum travel of 810 x 3,150mm.

For manufacturers with requirements for rotary surface grinding, Proth’s PSRS and PSRC machines offer seven models, with maximum grinding radii from 120 to 500mm, and with spindle centre heights from the table ranging from 300 to 500mm.

For applications requiring an even more heavy-duty rotary surface-grinding capability, the Proth PSRP double-column rotary planar series comprises three models offering a maximum grinding radius of 600, 700 or 800mm.

TDT can also provide the full range of Proth grinding accessories. These include chucks, dressing attachments, micrometer attachments, balancers, wheel flanges, splash guards, coolant baffles, cooling systems, filters and separators.

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