New bandsaws introduced by Axminster

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New bandsaws introduced by AxminsterTwo metal-cutting bandsaws — the WV-275DS and UV-180DS — have been added to the Engineer series of equipment available from Axminster Tool Centre Ltd (

The WV-275DS — now the biggest saw in the Engineer series, with a maximum cutting capacity of 227mm — is aimed at general engineering and fabrication workshops.

Robust iron castings are used to make the chassis and bow, while the swivel base allows for mitre cutting — up to 60deg right and 45deg left.

The cast-iron vice has been designed so that mitre cuts can be made easily; it also features a quick-release cam-action clamp.

Furthermore, the WV-275DS has an inverter drive to the motor, allowing variable speed via a simple control knob. This allows the correct cutting speed for each material to be easily selected, thereby maximising blade life.

Adjustable hydraulic down-feed is used to control the cutting pressure. Users can also select manual or automatic operation (the manual setting allows the cutting of delicate materials).

Other features include a hydraulic blade-tension gauge, a safety cut-off switch in the event of blade breakage, a welded steel base that houses the coolant pump and provides support for the heaviest cutting tasks, and a material support roller. All controls are grouped together on a panel that includes a digital blade-speed meter.

Meanwhile, the UV-180DS has been designed for smaller manufacturing workshops, as well as schools and colleges. This saw also features a swivelling head for making accurate mitre cuts, iron castings for strength and stability, and a floor stand with a built-in coolant system.

The blade is driven by a 750W (230V) motor with direct variable-speed drive (speed control is provided by a switch box mounted on the blade bow).

An adjustable hydraulic damper controls the blade down-feed, and the machine stops automatically when a cut is completed.

On the UV-180DS, the head and bow assembly swivels through 0-45deg left and 0-60deg right and features a scale and locking clamp. Coolant flow is controlled via a small valve mounted on the bow, and the maximum cutting capacity is 180mm.

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