New casting impregnation service

Posted on 26 Aug 2017 and read 395 times
New casting impregnation serviceThe owners of Stourbridge-based metal-finishing specialist Midland Deburr & Finish have invested £300,000 in setting up a new company, Midland Impregnations Ltd (MIL) in an adjoining unit to provide a casting impregnation service to foundries and casting machine shops — predominantly in the Midlands.

MIL director Chris Arrowsmith said: “When you make a casting, you can get micro or macro porosity, which will cause the casting to leak and potentially fail in operation.

“A lot of companies will pressure-test their castings and, if they leak, send them out for impregnation. Essentially, what we are doing is sealing the porosity within the castings. Within the automotive-component industry in particular, we felt that there was a gap in the market for the specialised impregnation of castings.”

Along with co-director Paul Young, Mr Arrowsmith identified an opportunity to improve the impregnation process, so around £20,000 was invested in a specialised oven to ‘dehydrate’ the castings before impregnation.

“This is necessary to remove contamination — including machining fluids — from within porosity in preparation for effective impregnation. We also have a solvent-degreasing facility using ultrasonics to remove oil or other contaminations from within porosity. We have combined experience in this field of over 35 years (

“Our target market is casting companies and companies that machine castings. We have seen high levels of demand since the launch of MIL, ranging from requests for large-volume work down to one-offs. Both companies are approved to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.”

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