Six-axis robots from Toshiba

Posted on 15 Sep 2017 and read 382 times
Six-axis robots from ToshibaWelwyn Garden City-based TM Robotics Ltd is introducing the Toshiba TVM range of six-axis robots for industrial sectors such as automotive, plastics and medical (

The vertically articulated robot series is available in three models, each with different reach and payload specifications.

Compared with previous generations, the latest TVM six-axis robot series also provides a longer arm for each of its three models.

The largest model, the TVM1500, offers a maximum reach of 1,715mm, while the mid-range TVM1200 extends to 1,418mm. At 1,124mm, the TVM900 is the smallest in the range.

The operating range of each model can be expanded by mounting it on an optional linear actuator.

Even though the robot body has been reduced in weight, the six-axis TVM range can still manage significant payloads — up to 20kg for the TVM900 model, 15kg for the TVM1200 and 10kg for the TVM1500.

There is complete hardware compatibility with other Toshiba Machine equipment, including the company’s robot vision recognition package — TSVision3D. All three models use the same controller, Toshiba Machine’s TSL3200.

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