No more lost car keys

Posted on 24 Sep 2017 and read 233 times
No more lost car keysPerfectly Keyless (, a new digital vehicle-access system from Bosch, means that drivers will be able to do without traditional car keys.

As they approach their vehicles, their smartphones are identified by on-board sensors, unlocking without any need for a physical key.

Similarly, no key is needed to start the engine or lock the car again at the end of a journey.

Vehicle owners can also give other drivers permission to use their vehicles (via an app).

In a secure process that is protected against unauthorised access, an additional virtual key will then be sent via the cloud to other smartphones.

This will allow the providers of car-sharing services and the operators of vehicle fleets to manage access and keys flexibly.

To use Perfectly Keyless, drivers download an app and connect their cars to it. Their smartphone then generates a one-off security key that fits their vehicle’s digital lock.

Perfectly Keyless uses a wireless connection to the on-board sensors to measure the distance to the smartphone and identify the security key.

Once the distance between driver and vehicle is less than 2m, the car door is unlocked.

If Perfectly Keyless detects that the smartphone is in the vehicle, a touch of the start-stop button is enough to start the engine.

When the driver gets out of the car at the end of the journey, the system continues to keep a virtual eye on the smartphone.

Once driver and phone have moved more than 2m from the car, it is automatically locked, and the system sends an acknowledgment to the driver’s smartphone.

In the event of a lost smartphone, the digital key can be de-activated online. This blocks access to the vehicle, both for authorised persons and third parties.

A new smartphone can be connected to the vehicle at any time, and a new unique security key is generated. In the interim period, the conventional vehicle key will work as usual.

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