Easier access to research for SMEs

Posted on 27 Sep 2017 and read 459 times
Easier access to research for SMEsThe University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) (www.amrc.co.uk) is a world-class centre for research into technologies that are used in the aerospace, automotive, medical and other high-value manufacturing sectors.

Its Integrated Manufacturing Group (IMG) has unveiled an opportunity for smaller companies to conduct research into machining and assembly technologies, using a new ‘reconfigurable factory’ research cell.

They can work with IMG engineers on manufacturing projects designed to take the risk out of trialling new technologies and processes before putting them into production.

Operations manager Chris Greaves said that the cell will be able to accommodate projects ranging from trialling new robotic assembly techniques to small-batch manufacturing techniques, small-component assembly, finish-machining and polishing.

“The cell can be quickly reconfigured to the specific requirements of each SME. Our aim is to cater for businesses that may not have the resources to join the AMRC as a member but still want to take advantage of our ‘state of the art’ capabilities and world-class research to improve their processes and outputs.”

As a member of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, the AMRC is open to working with any business — big or small.

IMG wants companies to think of the AMRC as a ‘sandpit’, where they can prove out automation, robotics or new manufacturing processes at low cost and with low risk.

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