Positive 2017 for Italian machine tool industry

Posted on 04 Feb 2018 and read 346 times
Positive 2017 for Italian machine tool industryAccording to Massimo Carboniero, president of UCIMU (Sistemi per Produrre) — the Italian association for manufacturers of machine tools, robots, automation systems and ancillary equipment — 2017 was extremely positive, with the industry registering double-digit increases for all main areas, except exports (although these have started growing again after the downturn in 2016).

He is also forecasting that 2018 “will be just as positive”.

In 2017, production increased to 6,110 million euros — a 10.1% increase compared with the previous year and the fourth consecutive year of growth (and a new record for the machine tool sector in absolute terms).

Deliveries in the domestic market grew by 16.1% to 2,670 million euros, while exports increased by 5.8% to 3,440 million euros.

According to UCIMU data for the first nine months of the year, the major markets were: China, 248 million euros (+11.5%); Germany, 245 million (-5.8%); the USA, 226 million (-8.7%); France, 157 million (-0.7%); and Poland, 110 million (+22.2%).

Mr Carboniero said: “Moreover, we predict that the positive trend will continue for the whole of 2018, with increases in production and exports expected to reach almost 6,500 million euros (+6.2%) and 3,600 million euros respectively — the latter being a 4.7% increase on the previous year.”

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