Dutch building all-electric container barges

Posted on 09 Feb 2018 and read 646 times
Dutch building all-electric container bargesThe Dutch company Port-Liner is currently building two giant all-electric barges; the plan is for them to be ready by this autumn and then to operate along the Wilhelmina canal in the Netherlands.

The 100 million euro project (supported by a 7 million euro subsidy from the European Union) is expected to have a significant impact on local transport between the ports of Amsterdam, Antwerp and Rotterdam.

Each battery-powered barge can carry 280 containers, and the first six barges are expected to remove 23,000 truck journeys from the roads in the Netherlands every year.

Port-Liner is also developing a battery pack with the batteries housed in a container.

Chief executive Ton van Meegen said that this technology could be retrofitted to barges that are already operating, providing a big boost for the industry’s green energy credentials.

The battery packs will charged onshore by carbon-free energy provider Eneco.

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