HGG range of 3-D plasma pipe-profiling machines

Posted on 13 Feb 2018 and read 286 times
HGG range of 3-D plasma pipe-profiling machinesThe HGG range of 3-D plasma pipe-profiling machines is now available in the UK exclusively from Castleford-based Ficep UK Ltd (www.ficep.co.uk). These machines can cut complex shapes into pipe or tube, with bevels and plate slots, if required.

This precise weld preparation process is said to increase productivity, simplify the welding process, enhance weld integrity and reduce fabrication time.

According to Ficep, HGG’s plasma features and software allow for accurate torch-to-material distance control, which prevents torch collisions, cutting deviations and ensures that a constant arc is maintained throughout the process.

What’s more, kerf width compensation is included in all CNC pipe-cutting routines to compensate for the arc thickness.

When cutting workpieces with thick walls, where the shape of the arc can influence precision, HGG machines incorporate an angular compensation facility to correct inaccuracies due to arc convergence.

All machines in the HGG range come with oxy-fuel, plasma, marking and CAD/CAM interfaces.

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