Airbus agrees UltraFan collaboration

Posted on 14 May 2018 and read 695 times
Airbus agrees UltraFan collaborationAirbus ( and Rolls-Royce ( have signed a collaboration agreement for the ‘integration’ of Rolls-Royce’s UltraFan demonstrator for flight testing.

The ‘integration solutions demonstration’ will be co-funded by Clean Sky 2, the European Union research programme focused on developing technology to reduce emissions.

UltraFan is a scalable jet-engine design suitable for wide-body or single-aisle aircraft and offers a 25% fuel efficiency improvement over the first-generation of Rolls-Royce Trent engines.

Axel Flaig, Airbus’s head of research and technology, said: “This technology development programme with Rolls-Royce is a key project for Airbus to pave the way towards the next-generation integrated propulsion systems that will be needed by airline customers towards the end of the next decade.

“We thank the Clean Sky 2 European funding programme for its strong support to this project.”

UltraFan features a new engine core architecture and lean-burn combustion system, which will contribute to improved fuel burn efficiency and lower emissions, along with a carbon-titanium fan blade system and composite casing which reduce weight.

The engine also features a geared design that delivers efficient power at high bypass ratios.

The project will enable Airbus to fully integrate the overall power-plant system — comprising engine, pylon and nacelle — with long-range aircraft, as well as facilitating scalability for short-range aircraft.

It will also build on Airbus’s expertise in advanced-manufacturing technologies, such as high-deposition-rate additive manufacture, welded assembly and high-production-rate thermoplastics.

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