Change of oil makes significant savings

Posted on 25 May 2018 and read 1004 times
Change of oil makes significant savingsExxon Mobil has helped the Greek company Kotronis Plastics to make an annual saving of more than 17,000 euros by switching its Sumitomo Demag injection moulding machines to using Mobil DTE 10 Excel 68 hydraulic oil.

This helped to cut energy consumption, safely extend oil drain intervals and reduce cycle times.

Kotronis — a manufacturer of polypropylene ‘pails’ and lidded containers for the food industry — was keen to cut costs and reduce its environmental impact. Exxon Mobil (in partnership with its local distributor, Novitron) suggested switching the company’s 40 Sumitomo Demag El-Exis SP 250 injection moulding machines to Mobil DTE 10 Excel 68.

This oil was initially trialled on a single machine; the results showed improved cycle times, a 2.23% cut in energy consumption and an extended drain interval of more than 20,000 operating hours.

The total available cost saving, when extrapolated across all 40 machines, was estimated at 17,000 euros a year.

Mohamed Mourad, Exxon Mobil’s industrial marketing advisor, said: “Plastics processing is an energy-intensive and highly competitive industry, so the ability to cut cycle times while also reducing energy consumption is highly valuable.

“Using high-performance oils can play a significant role in enhancing competitiveness; as Kotronis discovered, a small change can make a big difference.”

More information about Mobil-branded oils and services can be found at the Web site (

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