New drilling solution for stainless

Posted on 09 Sep 2018 and read 777 times
New drilling solution for stainlessThe new Widia Top Drill-S (TDS) series is now available in the UK from Tamworth-based Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) ( for manufacturers striving for improved productivity, performance and tool life when machining stainless steel and duplex.

The new drill gives end users precision centring ability, with increased wear-resistance and tool life, when conducting heat-generating machining applications on tough materials.

A novel geometry and gash design improves chip evacuation and delivers a smooth chip transition from the cutting edge to the flutes.

This reduces cutting forces and the subsequent high temperatures — something that is complemented by the new WM15PD high-aluminium coating and polished flutes.

The multi-layered AlTiN-based coating gives the TDS a high hardness level at high temperatures — a feature that supports high-speed drilling and MQL applications.

The through-coolant TDS drill has a point that reduces cutting forces while demonstrating uncompromising centring accuracy.

This precision is supported by a two-margin land that retains cutting stability and reduces friction, while the large chip-flute cross-section and small core diameter supports the fast removal of chips — ideal when drilling deep holes in challenging materials.

The TDS range is available with diameters from 3 to 20mm in 0.1mm increments and in lengths of 3xD, 5xD and 8xD.

The 140deg point-angle drills are supplied in a variety of sizes with overall lengths from 62 to 234mm and flute lengths from 20 to 181mm.

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