Vero to go live at Seco Open House

Posted on 13 Sep 2018 and read 598 times
Vero to go live at Seco Open HouseTwo brands from Vero Software ( will be driving a variety of CNC machine tools for live machining demonstrations at the forthcoming Seco ‘Inspiration through Innovation’ Open House event (9-10 October).

Edgecam will be programming two Mazak machines, along with machines from DMG Mori and Matsuura; WorkNC will be running a Hermle during the two-day event at Seco Tools’ UK headquarters in Warwickshire.

The Edgecam-programmed Matsuura 520P4C machining demonstration will be based on an aerospace rotor crank; it will show how the software’s powerful programming strategies can optimise the Matsuura’s five-axis machining capabilities.

A Mazak I400 machining demonstration of a duplex stainless-steel gear valve will focus on machining strategies based on the Mazak’s five-axis capability, while maximising both tool life and productivity in conjunction with Edgecam’s Waveform roughing strategy.

The machining demonstration on the Hermle machine, programmed by WorkNC, will be of an aerospace blisk and will highlight WorkNC’s latest roughing strategies for optimised cycle times.

These include ‘lens milling’ a side-wall profile to deliver a significantly better surface finish than the results of a typical ‘scanning’ finishing strategy.

Mike Fleming, Seco Tools UK’s sales and marketing manager, said: “In previous years, the machining demonstrations took place in the main exhibition area, surrounded by our Technical Partner exhibition stands.

“This meant that visitors didn’t always have good access to the demonstrations. For the 2018 event, we have created a machining demonstration zone that is totally separate from the exhibition area.”

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