New 3-D printing material

Posted on 19 Jan 2019 and read 568 times
New 3-D printing materialNow available from the Telford-based 3-D printing technologies company Protolabs ( is the proprietary resin MicroFine Green, which has been specifically created for 3-D printed parts that need ultra-high definition, accuracy and strength.

This resin has been custom-formulated for use in Protolabs’ micro-resolution stereolithography process.

MicroFine Green requires special equipment (exclusive to Protolabs) capable of printing parts using a layer thickness of just 0.025mm. As a result, part precision is high and features can be as small as 0.07mm.

Moreover, the material is “fairly durable and rigid”, with mechanical properties similar to ABS plastic.

Daniel Cohn, Protolabs’ general manager in Germany said: “The benefits of MicroFine Green combine to make the SLA material well-suited to the rapid prototyping of products in industries like medical, health-care and consumer electronics.

"It is a classic example of how material advancements continue to revolutionise the 3-D printing industry, which in turn is helping companies evolve beyond their traditional supply chain and product development approaches.”

In addition to MicroFine Green, Protolabs offers a number of material options that mimic ABS, polycarbonate and poly-propylene for rapid prototyping and parts using stereolithography.

With turnround times as short as one day, the process is offered in three resolutions: normal, high, and micro — each suiting feature size and property considerations.

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