New cutter for micro-machining operations

Posted on 12 Apr 2019 and read 417 times
New cutter for micro-machining operationsThe Jabro-Mini JM500 range from Seco Tools (UK) Ltd ( comprises over 180 different end mills that have been designed for machining small and nano-size parts typically found in the aerospace, medical and 3C (computers, consumer Electronics and communication) sectors.

Very small components with often intricate micro-features are difficult to see and check, so they require cutting
tools that deliver process reliability, predictable cutting performance and good tool life.

Jabro-Mini JM500 cutting tools, which have been designed to meet these criteria, feature optimised grades, geometries and coatings that produce high levels of surface finish on components made from steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant super-alloys and titanium.

The tools’ geometries include 30deg helix angles and 3deg rake angles; they are available in ‘torical’ and ball-nose types with two, three and four flutes. Furthermore, the tools’ carbide grade and polished SIRA coating ensure improved and cost-effective performance.

Jabro-Mini JM500 end mills are available with DMM 4mm and DMM 6mm shank diameters — and with seven different overhang lengths and flute diameters from 0.2 to 3mm.

This wide selection of cutters means that customers can separate their machining operations into distinct stages and use the shortest-possible tool overhangs at each stage to minimise tool deflection.

By adopting this strategy, Seco estimates that customers can cut machining times by as much as 50%.

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