Small-diameter high-feed milling cutters available

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Small-diameter high-feed milling cutters availableIn response to the demand for high-speed and high-feed milling, Wolverhampton-based Tungaloy UK Ltd ( has introduced its new TungForceFeed small-diameter high-feed milling cutters.

With diameters from 8 to 16mm, these new cutters cater for a diameter range smaller than the existing DoFeed series of tools.

Suitable for mould-and-die industry applications, as well as general machining, the new TungForceFeed cutters are available with both a high-feed insert and an R2 insert line that can be applied to machining a diverse range of materials — from alloy steels, stainless steels and hardened steels through to cast iron, titanium alloys and heat-resistant alloys such as Inconel and Hastelloy.

The high-feed insert is suitable for general high-feed milling applications and use in sub-contract machine shops, while the R2 insert is configured for full profiling and semi-roughing to semi-finishing processes; it has a free cutting geometry that eliminates chatter and improves surface finishes, while the built-in wiper reduces the formation of burrs.

The inserts, which feature Tungaloy’s latest PremiumTec coatings, are offered in the company’s AH3225 and AH8015 grades. AH3225 incorporates a ‘nano’ multi-layered coating that optimises cutting-edge integrity and increases resistance to wear, fracture and oxidation.

The AH8015 grade has a hard coating layer that improves performance on difficult-to-machine materials. Tungaloy has also optimised the design of the tool-holder, allowing it to undertake shoulder milling, slotting, ramping, plunging and helical-feed drilling.

Moreover, the tool-holder pockets are designed with a positive inclination that reduces chip adhesion and improves swarf evacuation — critical for high-feed machining applications.

The tool body line-up features a short shank, a long neck shank, an undercut shank and a modular interchangeable-head configuration.

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