Horiba introduces advanced testing system

Posted on 15 May 2019 and read 428 times
Horiba introduces advanced testing system Germany-based Horiba, a leading supplier complete automotive test solutions, has introduced an advanced testing system that can measure and analyse nanoparticles released during vehicle braking, which are suspected of having a negative impact on health.

The European Union is currently initiating legislation to minimise this impact by including ‘non-exhaust emissions’ in the existing emissions legislation.

An essential component of the Horiba Brake Dust application is the improved Solid Particle Counting System, which can count particles from 2.5µm down to 10nm (in order not to falsify the measurement results, particles over 2.5µm are not detected).

In addition to measuring the number of particles, it is also possible to measure the particle size distribution and conduct an elemental analysis.

R&D director Matthias Schröder said: “At Horiba, we want to make the world cleaner and more efficient.

“To achieve this, we continuously work on solutions — such as the Brake Dust application — that support our customers and partners as they improve their technology.”

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