Choice of control for rotor-milling centres

Posted on 26 Aug 2019 and read 365 times
Choice of control for rotor-milling centresRochdale-based Holroyd Precision Ltd ( is now offering three CNC systems/HMI configurations with its high-precision helical-rotor production centres.

Holroyd regional sales director Steven Benn said: “Traditionally, we have offered our own in-house-developed CNC and HMI systems, but to provide customers with greater levels of choice when specifying their rotor-milling centres, we now also offer both Siemens and Fanuc controllers as standard alternatives.”

Holroyd’s own CNC system is ‘partnered’ with Bosch motors and Bosch Rexroth digital drive systems.

Both the Fanuc and Siemens controllers have been engineered as ‘complete systems’, and they are supplied with their respective drives and motors.

They have also been developed alongside a Holroyd HMI designed to replicate the functionality and simplicity
of programming that users of Holroyd CNCs will be familiar with.

Holroyd’s new Siemens CNC/HMI option benefits from a 300 x 525mm screen and incorporates a user manual, as well as all maintenance drawings relevant to the machine in question.

Other features include a ‘soft button’ panel that can be ‘swiped’ to reveal further programming options or additional machine information.

Optional CCTV cameras can be specified to assist operators during machine set-up, and new ‘ASUB cycles’ allow users to select set-up routines that can then be activated through the hand-held unit.

Twin helical screws for vacuum or hydraulic pumps can be easily manufactured via auto-positioning of the helical paths, and new ‘flow guide style’ programming allows the operation to start and stop — and even omit sections of the machine program — while the machine is in cycle.

Customers can also specify the Holroyd Profile Management System (HPMS) with machine orders.

Specially developed to simplify the entire helical-component manufacturing process, HPMS comprises a family of programs for the analysis and manipulation of profiles; it is used in the development and control of a wide range of helical profiles for screw rotors, vacuum and pump screws, and worm gears.

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