High-speed VMCs for machining graphite

Posted on 02 Oct 2019 and read 502 times
High-speed VMCs for  machining graphiteGraphite glass moulds for glass end products are increasingly used in the ICT sector and elsewhere, while graphite electrodes are popular and proven in the automotive, electronic-component, aerospace and packaging sectors.

Two machines from Coventry-based GF Machining Solutions Ltd (www.gfms.com/uk) — the Mikron Mill S 400/500 Graphite and Mikron HSM 500 — have been designed to meet the particular challenges of machining graphite.

The three-axis Mikron Mill S 400/500 Graphite is aimed at machining graphite mould tools, but it can also handle a range of other materials.

As ambient temperatures fluctuate in machine shops and machining speeds change, process stability is maintained by the machine’s thermo-stable body and its ‘intelligent thermal management system’.

The 13.5kW Step-Tec HVC140 spindle offers a maximum speed of 42,000rev/min.

Meanwhile, the Mikron HSM 500 Graphite is a ‘simple and compact’ machine designed for the dry machining of graphite.

It too has a Step-Tec HVC140 spindle, along with a high-efficiency dust extraction system.

Moreover, this machine can be integrated with a System 3R WorkPartner (WPT1+) part-changing robot, which considerably increases its productivity potential.

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