Vehicle Redesign prepares NeoXcraft for flight

Posted on 04 Oct 2019 and read 356 times
Vehicle Redesign prepares NeoXcraft for flightAccording to a report in FlightGlobal, the Derby-based UK start-up Vehicle Redesign has begun manufacturing the first full-scale prototype of its ‘hyper-luxury’ two-seat NeoXcraft XP2 — an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that should make its first flight in 2020.

The company is also building quarter- and half-scale models of the XP2, which will be used to test the aircraft’s flight systems.

Speaking at the Global Urban Air Summit in Farnborough earlier this month, Vehicle Redesign co-founder Michael Smith said the company is making good progress with the ducted-fan-equipped aircraft and plans to bring the product to market in 2022.

It aims to display a full-scale mock-up of the cabin at the Farnborough Airshow in July next year.

The XP2 is constructed using graphene-enhanced carbon fibre and is powered by eight 30kW electric motors (two in each motor arm) driving a pair of contra-rotating propellers.

The aircraft is projected to have a range of 230km, a flight time of around 50min, a top speed of 250kph and a ceiling of 2,000ft.

Vehicle Redesign is in discussion with a number of global operators, high-end service providers and airport operators (in Bermuda, Japan, Dubai, Monaco and Saudi Arabia) who are interested in the XP2 for VIP transport.

Mr Smith said: “There is huge interest in this model from the luxury travel sector, as well as from owner-flyers.”

The company is in talks with several airports across the globe, to establish charging points and landing sites for the aircraft.

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