Hi-Spec precisions opts for heavy duty lathe

Posted on 10 Jul 2017 and read 1526 times
Hi-Spec precisions opts for heavy duty latheWhen Rutland-based Hi-Spec Precision Engineering Ltd (www.hi-speceng.co.uk) needed a new machine for its machine shop, it visited MACH 2016 and opted for the heavy-duty Colchester Magnum centre lathe from 600 UK (www.600uk.com).

Managing director Darren Grainger says: “The larger-capacity end of the work we do is also the lower quantity of our work. We have all the latest CNC machine tool technology, but with the Colchester Magnum centre lathe, we can just ‘hop on’ the machine with a quick-turnround job and get it out of the door in the time that many CNC jobs would take to set.

“The Magnum also has the largest diameter-to-length ratio of all our machines, and it will take the heaviest parts; there are some jobs that have to go on the Magnum, because they wouldn’t fit on our other machines. While I have gone for a machine with an 800mm swing instead of the 660mm variant, the bed is wider, and the machine is heavier than any other in its class.

“Everything on the lathe is heavy-duty, right down to the tailstock and steadies. All the key features are 30-40% bigger, and the machine is more expensive than some variants, but it is all about longevity and build quality.

“Our previous machine was a third of the cost and lasted for four years — but we kept it for six. With the Magnum, I’m confident that it will last about 30 years.”

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