Bloodhound SSC successfully put through its paces

Posted on 09 Nov 2017 and read 1226 times
Bloodhound SSC successfully put through its paces The Bloodhound SSC ( team has passed its biggest milestone yet in the development of the world’s first 1,000mph car: the British-built vehicle underwent its first public tests at the end of October — on the runway at Newquay airport, in front of over 3,500 people.

Driven by RAF Wing Commander Andy Green, the aim for Bloodhound is to break the world land speed record in 2019 and then go on to break the 1,000mph barrier in 2020 on a special track in South Africa.

However, the initial “slow-speed trials” at Newquay (at speeds up to 200mph) had a different goal — to prove the car’s steering, brakes, suspension and data systems. The sleek supersonic car combines the technology and power of a Eurojet EJ200 jet engine, a Jaguar Supercharged V8 F1 car and a cluster of Nammo hybrid rockets.

While the rockets were not trialled at Newquay (they are still being developed in Norway), the team successfully tested the performance of the Eurofighter power unit and the other systems down the 1.7 mile runway, paying particular attention to the aerodynamic performance.

In order to obtain all the data the team required, two test runs were completed. The EJ200 engine powered the vehicle from a standing start to 200mph in around 8sec, and the crowds were treated to the deafening sound and striking glare of the engine on re-heat.

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