Multi-use coolant approved by Boeing

Posted on 06 Feb 2018 and read 750 times
Multi-use coolant approved by BoeingSuffolk-based Master Fluid Solutions (a global manufacturer of cutting and grinding fluids) reports that its TRIM MicroSol 590XT has been approved by Boeing for use in multiple applications.

The company is renowned for providing the aerospace industry with solutions for its demanding high-tech alloy cutting and grinding needs, and it already has more than 70 approvals from North American and European aerospace manufacturers (

However, this latest approval is significant, as the semi-synthetic micro-emulsion was specifically developed to meet the needs of aerospace manufacturers and sub-contractors.

It improves on the performance of previous fluid generations with “unmatched lubricity and sump life for substantial time and material savings”.

Formulated using the most “environmentally safe” products, it is free from secondary amines, and it contains no chlorinated or sulphurised extreme-pressure additives, formaldehyde releasers, phenols or boron.

Excellent foam control and low carry-off make it suitable for high-pressure volume applications, and its optimum combination of cooling and lubricity is said to make it well suited to machining titanium plus 6000- and 7000-series aluminium aerostructure parts, as well as typical aero-engine materials such as stainless steel and Inconel.

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