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­­Government invites UK companies to collaborate

Posted on 05 Apr 2019 and read 1390 times
­­Government invites UK companies to collaborate Companies from around the UK defence industry gathered in Farnborough last week to engage with the Government and Team Tempest partners over the future of Combat Air System development in the UK.

Launched by Stuart Andrew, the Minister for Defence Procurement, this event saw 300 delegates taking part in a series of briefings outlining the capabilities and skills needed to shape the future of Combat Air System delivery in the UK.

The Tempest programme aims to harness and develop UK capabilities that are critical for next-generation (NextGen) Combat Air capability and to retain the UK’s position as a globally competitive leader through the understanding of future concepts, technologies and capabilities.

It is a fundamental pillar of the Combat Air Strategy announced last year, providing a catalyst for STEM generation by opening opportunities for industry collaboration on a new level.

Novel partnerships will be formed where there is opportunity to contribute capability, technology or intellectual property to the development of the UK’s NextGen military air capability.

Mr Andrew said: “The Tempest programme guarantees the UK’s position as a world leader in air power into the future and is a huge boost for the UK defence sector.

“Delivering this ambitious vision will see the MoD drawing on the innovation and creativity of the UK defence sector, which already supports over 18,000 highly skilled jobs across the country.”

Air Marshal Mike Wigston, Deputy Commander Capability, said: “Continuing to develop Typhoon and growing our F-35 fleet provides the route to the near term, but we must prepare for the future now.

"The Combat Air Strategy — with its clear commitment to an enduring UK Combat Air industrial sector — is important to the RAF, as it is that sector that provides daily support to our war fighters.”