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Mitsubishi unveils SpaceJet family of aircraft

Posted on 06 Jul 2019 and read 1117 times
Mitsubishi unveils SpaceJet family of aircraftMitsubishi Aircraft Corporation (www.flythemrj.com) has unveiled its SpaceJet family of aircraft, which is specially tailored for regional airlines in the USA.

This family includes the M90 (previously known by its developmental designation of MRJ90) and a new aircraft, the M100.

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation president Hisakazu Mizutani said: “The SpaceJet family represents our plan to redefine the business of regional air travel.

“This is a commercial segment where we see great opportunity.

"As we prepare for the entry-into-service of the SpaceJet M90, we are also announcing the SpaceJet M100 — the result of our R&D during the past few years and the answer to the regional market’s current and future needs.

"These products mark our dedication to a segment in desperate need of change that will allow airlines to enhance the satisfaction of their passengers and significantly improve their business performance.”

Mitsubishi recently displayed a mock-up of the SpaceJet M100’s cabin at the Paris Air Show, but the official launch will take place until later this year.

With the ability to carry 76 passengers in three classes, thanks to its maximum take-off weight of 39,000kg, the aircraft is tailor-made for regional airlines in the USA.

Powered by two Pratt and Whitney PW1200G Geared Turbofan engines, the aircraft has a range of 1,910 nautical miles.

Mitsubishi is also in talks with Bombardier to purchase the CRJ programme, which would give it access to more production facilities and a wider family of aircraft.