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Hybrid propulsion aircraft demonstrator

Posted on 09 Jul 2019 and read 874 times
Hybrid propulsion aircraft demonstratorDaher, Airbus and Safran have announced a partnership for the design and development of the wing-mounted EcoPulse distributed hybrid propulsion demonstrator, with the maiden flight scheduled in 2022.

Based on Daher’s TBM platform, this project — ‘kick-started’ by CORAC (the French Civil Aviation Research Council) with support from DGAC (the French Civil Aviation Authority) — will develop technologies that boost the environmental efficiency of aircraft and meet the future needs of the air travel industry.

The overall approach spans three areas of research and development: the distributed hybrid propulsion system will be provided by Safran; Airbus will have responsibility for the aerodynamic optimisation of the distributed propulsion system, the installation of high-energy-density batteries and the use of those batteries to power the aircraft; and component and systems installation, flight testing, overall analysis and regulatory construction will be undertaken by Daher (using its TBM platform).

The purpose of this three-way collaboration is to validate technologies designed to reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution, and to create new uses for air transportation.

Daher’s Nicolas Orance said: “Reducing the environmental impact of aircraft is a priority for the industry as a whole, so it is with enthusiasm and determination that we welcome the opportunity to be part of this unique partnership alongside Airbus and Safran.”

Safran will supply the entire EcoPulse distributed hybrid propulsion system (excluding batteries), consisting of a turbogenerator (a combined turbine and power generator), an electric power management system and integrated electric thrusters (or e-Propellers) including electric motors and propellers.

The electric thrusters will be integrated into the EcoPulse wing and will provide propulsion thrust, at the same time as delivering aerodynamic gains (reducing the wing surface area and wingtip marginal vortices, and therefore drag).