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Colchester Mascot 1600 x 40”straight bed imp
 Mascot 1600 x 40”straight bed imp. In Very good condition..........

C/w 3 & 4 jaw chucks, New Ne
Mascot 1600 x 40”straight bed imp. In Very good condition.......... C/w 3 & 4 jaw chucks, New Ne...
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Controlling power density with new laser head

Posted on 03 Dec 2019 and read 848 times
Controlling power density with new laser headUS-based Optomec — a leading supplier of production-grade additive-manufacturing systems for the 3-D printing of metals — has unveiled its new LENS Laser Deposition Head (LDH 3.X), with a variable optics system that can create three discreet focused spot sizes to accommodate changes in laser power.

The LDH 3.X supports a wide range of laser powers (from 500W to 3kW) to ensure optimal DED (Directed Energy Deposition) processing across a range of parts and applications.

Tom Cobbs, LENS product manager at Optomec, said: “As metal additive-manufacturing users continue to seek higher laser powers, faster speeds and improved deposition rates to maximise production, they don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the build, so controlling the power density during processing is critical.

"The new LDH 3.X is a marked advancement in sophistication for DED processing. Its versatility, robustness and ease of use enable the user to control the power density at the workpiece for optimal results.”

The wide range of laser powers supported by the LDH 3.X is enabled by an advanced cooling system that allows for high-powerduty cycles, plus variable optics.

With improved channeling for the water cooling the head, the LDH 3.X will not overheat while operating at high powers and for long build times.

It also has a quick-connect/disconnect system for changing nozzle types.

With LDH 3.X, a 0.6mm focused spot size can be chosen for processing smaller parts or intricate feature building, then switched to a 2 or 3mm spot size for increased laser power for larger builds or cladding operations.