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Patent granted for parts and process cleaning

Posted on 14 Feb 2020 and read 920 times
Patent granted for parts and process cleaning Berkshire-based Safe Solvents Europe Ltd, an environmental technology business, has successfully patented its new Ambimization method for process and parts cleaning, which gives businesses a viable alternative to the use of hydrocarbon solvents, heated or caustic detergents.

Ambimization uses water-based fluids that work at ambient temperature, are non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and have a volatile organic compound (VOC) level of just 6.5%.

As it does not require fluids to be heated, it also prevents emulsification when coupled with the fluid’s natural splitting properties, this drastically reduces the volume and cost of waste disposal.

Tom Sands, Safe Solvents’ founder and CTO (www.safesolvents.co.uk/ambimization1), said: “Ambimization delivers a step-change in value for businesses undertaking de-greasing, component cleaning, parts washing and surface treatment.

“Not only does it de-risk a number of traditionally hazardous applications, but it can also facilitate operational change, driving gains in productivity.

"These operational benefits are unique to Ambimization, which has the potential to be a major disruptor of the traditional solvent market.

“We are delighted that this proprietary methodology is now protected by a UK patent.”

Ambimization is suitable for the removal of many forms of surface contamination, ranging from oil, paint and ink to highly carbonised metals.

The method is compatible with a range of proprietary machinery, while the fluid is also available as part of a fluid-only contract for applications that require in-situ cleaning.