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Final integration of Jupiter probe underway

Posted on 07 May 2020 and read 569 times
Final integration of Jupiter probe underwayThe JUpiter ICy moons Explorer mission (JUICE), has arrived at Airbus’ German satellite integration centre in Friedrichshafen for final integration — it will remain there until the end of 2020. The probe will be kitted out with its final components including harness, power electronics, onboard computer, communication systems, navigation sensors, thermal hardware and its scientific instruments.

Once this has been completed JUICE will be sent to Noordwijk in The Netherlands, the home of the European Space Agency´s space test centre ESTEC, where it will undergo a thermal vaccum environmental test campaign to prove it is ready for its journey via Venus and Mars to Jupiter and its mission in the Jovian system.

The 5.2-tonne spacecraft will set off in May 2022 on its near 600 million km journey to Jupiter with a planned arrival date of October 2029. The spacecraft will carry 10 ‘state of the art’ scientific instruments, including cameras, spectrometers, an ice-penetrating radar, an altimeter, radio-science experiment, and sensors to monitor the magnetic fields and charged particles in the Jovian system.

JUICE will complete a unique tour of the Jupiter system that will include in-depth studies of three potentially ocean-bearing moons, Ganymede, Europa and Callisto. Over the last few months the JUICE structure, built and assembled by Airbus in Madrid, has been completed with its chemical propulsion system at ArianeGroup’s German site in Lampoldshausen to form the spacecraft body.

ArianeGroup’s Orbital Propulsion teams have developed, produced and integrated the propulsion system, which includes two titanium propellant tanks and the 400-newton main engine that will be used for Jupiter orbit insertion, as well as a further 20 small thrusters.

Airbus has now set up a special two-shift working pattern for up to 60 engineers to ensure on time delivery. In parallel the full size engineering model of JUICE has been integrated and is at Airbus’ satellite integration centre in Toulouse for full functional software testing, prior to installation on the flight model in Friedrichshafen.

JUICE will spend more than three years in the Jupiter system, collecting data to provide answers on the conditions for planet formation and the emergence of life. It will spend nine months orbiting the icy moon Ganymede analysing its nature and evolution, and its potential habitability. As prime contractor, Airbus is leading an industrial consortium of more than 80 companies around Europe.