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UK-manufactured Coronavirus deterrent in demand

Posted on 19 Dec 2020 and read 1181 times
UK-manufactured Coronavirus deterrent in demandA UK-manufactured ultra-violet (UV) air steriliser that reduces the risk of Coronavirus spreading in indoor settings is generating strong world-wide interest.

Medixair, a portable air sterilisation solution that is proven to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria as part of effective infection control regimes, was launched by Solihull-based air sterilisation specialist Pathogen Solutions and Birmingham-based electronics manufacturer CHH CoNeX in October 2020.

Just weeks later, it is already being ordered to be installed in such indoor settings as dental surgeries, hospitals and even retail outlets with products already shipped to Asia, the Czech Republic, Spain as well as the UK.

Scientists are increasingly concerned about the airborne spread of the virus, claiming people are more at threat by inhaling the virus through aerosols in the air than they are catching it by touching contaminated surfaces.

Medixair reduces this risk by providing 24hr airborne infection control, which has been medically proven when deployed within confined indoor settings, especially those with poor ventilation and high room temperatures during winter months such as medical wards and other clinical settings.

The 110W unit employs high-intensity ultra violet light to decontaminate the air within indoor environments. The portable machine works by drawing air into the unit and exposing it to UV light which is a proven method for killing bugs. The clean disinfected air is then recirculated back into the room.

Kevin Wilcox, sales and marketing director of CHH CoNeX, the company responsible for the assembly of Medixair units, said: “When we began working on Medixair we were hugely excited about the potential it offers to help reduce the airborne spread of Coronavirus. The product’s effectiveness and convenience as a portable device is driving demand from all over the world.”

It is thought that devices such as Medixair could quickly become a staple of everyday life, even after Coronavirus vaccines have been rolled out world-wide.

John Burrows, director of Pathogen Solutions, suggests that the pandemic has taught people about the importance of airborne infection control and decontamination; habits that will continue for years to come.

He said: “Medixair is a proven product for managing the spread of Coronavirus, but its effectiveness is not exclusive to SARS infections. As a germicidal air steriliser, it is effective against a wide range of illnesses, including influenza, MRSA, tuberculosis, norovirus and more.

“As we continue to learn more about virus management and prevention, we expect Medixair to continue to be in demand internationally for years to come.”