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This DOOSAN LYNX 2100 LMSB Lathe machine
This DOOSAN LYNX 2100 LMSB Lathe machine was manufactured in the year 2020 in South Korea. This mach
This DOOSAN LYNX 2100 LMSB Lathe machine was manufactured in the year 2020 in South Korea. This mach...

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VARTA to build V4Drive lithium-ion cells for BEVs

Posted on 12 Oct 2021 and read 624 times
VARTA to build V4Drive lithium-ion cells for BEVsGermany-based VARTA AG has unveiled new large lithium-ion round cells for battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The cells are designed for the next generation of performance cars and for other non-automotive applications, said Herbert Schein, VARTA CEO, at the company’s first Capital Market Day, hosted online last week.

He said: “We believe that our round-cell formats are excellent alternatives for building BEVs in the performance sector due to their unique features.”

VARTA had announced its ultra-high-power lithium-ion round cell V4Drive in the 21700 format (2.1 x 7 cm) at the beginning of this year and it will now be produced in even larger cell formats. The aim is to power BEVs, offer long driving range and additional power for dynamic driving.

Mr Schein added: “VARTA is putting performance into e-mobility. Today’s energy batteries provide automotive engineers the ability to build cars offering a long driving range. V4Drive will offer additional performance qualities on top and this makes it ideal for the performance sector of the automotive industry.

“An electrical car powered by V4Drive cells will be able to cover large distances and at the same time offer more dynamic driving – and it can be charged much faster than it is possible today.”

According to Mr Schein, VARTA will decide on the scale at which the company will produce the V4Drive by the end of this year, dependent on customer demand.

Armin Hessenberger, VARTA’s CFO, said that VARTA has gained experience in producing small lithium-ion cells, and is now transferring this know-how into the production of larger rechargeable lithium-ion cells.

VARTA’s approach is to provide high-quality cells to the market than those that are available on the market today. Pilot production of the V4Drive cells in the 21700 format will begin at the end of this year, mass production is then targeted to start two years later, with a production capacity of at least 2GWh.

Rainer Hald, VARTA’s CTO, confirmed that the production of larger lithium-ion round cells will benefit from synergies with the production of the smaller lithium-ion round cells, called CoinPower. “Our technologies build on each other; we have transferred the innovative foil seal design of the hearing aid batteries – where we have become market leaders – to CoinPower and combined it with further innovations.”

A recording of VARTA’S first Capital Market Day can be viewed on the company’s website www.varta-ag.com.