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HAAS SL-30 Lathe
This HAAS SL-30 Lathe was manufactured in the year 2008 in the United States and has 22206 productio
This HAAS SL-30 Lathe was manufactured in the year 2008 in the United States and has 22206 productio...

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Festo introduces ‘the world’s first pneumatic cobot’

Posted on 12 Jun 2022 and read 835 times
Festo introduces ‘the world’s first pneumatic cobot’Festo, the German multinational industrial control and automation company, says hardly any industrial market segment will grow as rapidly over the next few years as human-robot collaboration, as cobots relieve employees of particularly strenuous or monotonous tasks and make their work easier and healthier. “Furthermore, no other technology has such a sensitive and flexible approach to human-robot collaboration as pneumatics.

“The Festo Cobot owes many of its advantages, such as its sensitivity, weight and value for money to the benefits of pneumatics. The direct drives in the articulated joints are very cost-effective and particularly lightweight because, unlike electric solutions, no heavy gear units or expensive force-torque sensors are required. The world’s first pneumatic cobot is a result of Festo’s expertise in controlled pneumatics.

“The Festo Cobot even makes using cobots cost-effective for small and medium-size companies, which often rely on manual work processes. Its flexible application options mean that small batch sizes can now be processed automatically; and thanks to its intuitive and simple commissioning and programming, it is quick and easy to get to grips with, so extensive training is not required.”

Frank Melzer (pictured left), Festo’s Board member for product and technology management, said: “The pneumatic Festo Cobot will be cheaper than electric cobots in the same class. It will also provide excellent value for money in its main application area of small-parts handling with payloads up to 3kg.

“When it goes on sale in 2023, the Festo Cobot will set new standards in human-robot collaboration with its ease of use; and with a length of 670mm, the Festo Cobot is just like a human arm and has the right reach for it to be perceived as a helping third hand when working with a member of staff.”

Christian Tarragona, Head of Robotics at Festo, said: “The cobot’s pneumatic direct drives and its light weight reduce its contact energy. Thanks to precise pressure regulators in the articulated joints, the robot recognises when it is being touched and responds with appropriate safety functions. Employees can work together with their ‘technical colleague’ in complete safety.”