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Used Norton Flypress 6DB (4115)
Used Norton Flypress 6DB, deep throat, throat 300mm, height under ram 225mm, on metal stand.
Used Norton Flypress 6DB, deep throat, throat 300mm, height under ram 225mm, on metal stand....
Mooney, Steven E. Machinery Ltd

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New line of PCD turning tools for non-ferrous materials

Posted on 10 Jul 2023 and read 1868 times
New line of PCD turning tools for non-ferrous materialsApplitec Top Line Front Cover image

The Applitec TOP-Line 700 Series is without doubt, a popular choice for precision turning, parting, grooving and profiling on small turning centres and sliding head machine tools. Now, the Swiss manufacturer has expanded its range with the introduction of an entire line of Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tipped inserts that are available in the UK from Hertfordshire-based Floyd Automatic Tooling.

Floyd Automatic can present the benefits of this series to manufacturers machining a diverse range of non-ferrous materials. The Applitec TOP-Line 700 PCD Series now enables the best-selling 700 Series to perform on anything from gold, silver, copper, brass and bronze through to more challenging materials such as aluminium alloys, glass and carbon fibre reinforced plastics, thermoplastics, graphite and lead-free brass that is a particular challenge for sub-contract machine shops.

With its serrated insert teeth and corresponding toolholder clamping system and two insert screws that combine to deliver unparalleled precision and repeatability, the Applitec 700 Series provides rigidity, stability, high performance and exemplary surface finishes. Using Applitec’s unique twin screw ‘offset teeth insert location system’, the two clamping screws pull the teeth together so the insert does not vibrate, providing perfect results for PCD turning.

Like the existing carbide version of coated indexable inserts in the 700 Series, the new PCD line is available with a range of parting-off inserts, front and back turning inserts and also grooving and turning inserts. Each of the cutting tools for the respective processes is available with a range of geometries, insert widths, lengths and radii with both left and right-hand designations to cater for the diverse needs of the marketplace.

Applitec has presented this new PCD Series to deliver a multitude of benefits for end users. Firstly, the TOP-Line 700 PCD Series will extend tool life and deliver more consistent results when compared to solid carbide tools that present a shorter tool life. In comparison to carbide tools that may only offer tool life of a few days or weeks, PCD tooling is designed to work for months, resulting in reduced downtime and higher productivity.

This makes PCD tools a great choice for high-yield production facilities as well as smaller shops where the return on investment will be quick due to more efficient workflows, fewer tool changes and decreased cycle times. In addition, the TOP-Line 700 PCD Series can run at machining parameters up to 10-times faster than solid carbide tools, reducing lead times and increasing throughput.

Applitec has developed this series to correspond with customer feedback as more manufacturers are experiencing expanded material versatility in their machine shops. Once considered a cutting material for niche applications, PCD is now applied to an extremely diverse range of applications that vary from the machining of aluminium to composites and even abrasive plastics — achieving exceptional surface finishes, which reduces and in many instances eliminates secondary operations.