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Sustainability white paper for the aviation industry

Posted on 08 Jun 2024. Edited by: John Hunter. Read 712 times.
Sustainability white paper for the aviation industryThe aviation industry is faced with the urgent task of stepping up its contribution to global climate protection efforts according to a new white paper published by Swiss Steel Group. Despite its comparatively low share of around 4% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union (EU), the aviation industry has one of the fastest-growing emission generators, which is mainly due to the disproportionate increase in passenger numbers.

In order to achieve the ambitious climate targets, far-reaching changes are required along the entire aviation value chain. This includes the use of sustainable materials, the development of alternative drive technologies, the improvement of engine efficiency and the reduction of climate-relevant non-CO2 effects. At the same time, these measures must ensure that supply chains remain efficient, safe and short.

The Swiss Steel Group’s white paper analyses the consequences of these challenges and presents innovative solutions. The focus is on the crucial role of the Swiss Steel Group in providing high-quality steels for sustainable aircraft designs. Its products make a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact and increasing the efficiency of modern aircraft.

Turning point

Swiss Steel Group CEO Frank Koch explained: “The aviation industry is at a turning point. Our high-quality special steels are a key component in the development of sustainable and efficient aircraft. We are proud to make a significant contribution to achieving climate targets with our products and to help shape the future of aviation.”

The Swiss Steel Group’s sustainability efforts encompass a wide range of measures, which are described in detail in the white paper. These include, among others: innovative materials — developing and providing steels that are lighter and more durable, reducing fuel consumption and emissions; increasing efficiency — supporting the aviation industry in optimising production processes and implementing efficient engines; and sustainable supply chains — ensuring short, safe and efficient supply chains that minimise environmental impact.

The Swiss Steel Group says it is actively committed to putting its expertise and innovative strength at the service of global climate protection efforts and thus making a sustainable contribution to the transformation of the aviation industry.

The full white paper can be downloaded from the website here.