Machining centre for aerospace connectors

Posted on 10 Jun 2017 and read 948 times
Machining centre for aerospace connectorsCoalville-based Tornos Technologies UK Ltd ( has introduced its Almac CU 1007R, a machining centre that has been developed to produce prismatic components such as precision connectors for the aerospace industry.

The machine is equipped with a bar-type loader, a system for simultaneous four-axis machining, a pick-off collet and a finished-workpiece collection unit.

Depending on the size of the connectors, up to 100 parts can be produced from each 3m bar. This corresponds to a production level of 20-30hr of machining per bar (subject to part complexity).

Bar up to 30mm in diameter is fed into a dividing head and clamped by a collet. An A axis on the dividing head and spindle movement in the X, Y and Z directions allow the bar to be machined on four sides.

This is achieved by front machining and using tangential machining on one side. A fixed table on the CU 1007R allows the bar to remain stationary in the Y axis.

A pick-off collet is mounted on a slide (X2 axis), a configuration that is said to be beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, the workpiece can be clamped while being cut off and during machining on the sixth face.

Secondly, the bar can be held and pulled for the purpose of bar feeding. This X2 axis is controlled by the CNC, and its travel is adjusted to the length of the workpieces to be produced.

Once machining has finished, a parts catcher attached to an air cylinder is moved underneath the pick-off collet, which opens to release the component.

The part is then transported into a large collection basket, which incorporates an oil bath to cushion the fall of finished parts.

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