Laser cutter performance enhanced

Posted on 08 Nov 2017 and read 866 times
Laser cutter performance enhancedA newly designed nozzle from Luton-based Trumpf Ltd ( is said to boost feed rates by up to 100% for solid-state laser cutters that use fusion cutting with nitrogen.

Furthermore, the laser power does not need to be increased.

The new Highspeed and Highspeed Eco cutting processes allow for nearly a two-fold increase in sheet throughput, compared with standard cutting.

Additionally, less cutting gas is used: the Highspeed process requires 40% less nitrogen on average, while the Highspeed Eco requires 70% less gas.

The company also says that the scope of application is now broader for 8kW lasers used in fusion cutting; they can now cut sheet as thick as 12mm, instead of 10mm previously.

Trumpf’s Highspeed process uses a bi-flow nozzle.

Some of the cutting gas passes through the centre of this nozzle, as does the laser beam; the rest forms a secondary flow around the principal flow to provide concentration on the kerf, expelling molten material more efficiently.

As for the Highspeed Eco process, this relies on a patented nozzle fitted with a sleeve that forces the gas directly into the kerf, ensuring that little or no gas flows off to the side.

Although this moving sleeve glides across the material during fusion cutting, the nozzle remains 1.5mm from the sheet surface, ensuring that it can withstand any ‘chips’ generated during piercing.

Highspeed Eco and Highspeed can be used on machines in the TruLaser 5000 series equipped with an 8kW solid-state laser. Soon they will be available for use with 6kW solid-state lasers.

Many relatively new machines can also be retrofitted with these processes.

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