Mapal reports a buoyant 2017

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Mapal reports a buoyant 2017As the manufacturing world makes increasing use of the strength-to-weight ratio benefits of CFRP materials, there has been a corresponding use in the use of poly-crystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tools.

Wayne Whitehouse, managing director of Rugby-based Mapal Ltd ( — a subsidiary of the German PCD tooling group — says Mapal’s UK operation saw growth of about 30% in 2017.

“Over the last five years, we have enjoyed growth in the region of 45%.

“The jump in our 2017 sales revenue is attributed to a number of factors, including that we have long been known as industry leaders in the automotive industry — and have service partnerships with world-leading OEMs, particularly in engine manufacture.

“However, the long-term predictions for the combustion engine and the exceptional performance of the UK aerospace industry have led Mapal in the UK to re-align its business strategy.

“The 30% growth in 2017 is the first sign of this re-alignment.”

Mr Whitehouse says that to sustain this growth, the company has made a significant investment in staff, equipment and infrastructure: “We invested over £1 million in new machine tools and metrology equipment in 2017, and we are planning an additional £1 million spend in 2018.

"Recruitment is also a key aspect of our business, and we have seen two apprentices complete their training in the last 12 months; we are now recruiting the next batch of trainees.

For the first time, we have employed a general manager — Eamonn Orchin — at Rainey, our wholly owned Ireland subsidiary; he will become managing director when Roy Douglas retires.

“Another first for Mapal in 2017 was the appointment of our first graduate engineer; he has a Masters degree in aerospace engineering and re-affirms the importance we are placing on the aerospace sector.

“The aim for the UK business is to build on existing OEM and sub-contract relationships and target niche pockets of the aerospace industry.”

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