'No contact' rotary position sensor

Posted on 03 Feb 2018 and read 494 times
'No contact' rotary position sensorThe industrial division of Christchurch-based Curtiss-Wright (www.cw-industrialgroup.com) has launched the NRH305DR, a ‘no-contact’ rotary position sensor.

Sharing many features and benefits with the NRH300DP model launched in 2016, the NRH305DR (from the Penny & Giles brand) enhances system performance by incorporating two completely independent power supplies and output channels for full electrical redundancy (operating from a 5V DC regulated supply).

With an 8mm low-profile sensor body and a small footprint, this fully encapsulated IP68/ IP69K-rated sensor offers high levels of protection against water, dust, shock, vibration and temperature.

The separate magnet assembly that activates the sensor can have a ‘permissible air gap’ of between 1.5 and 8mm (depending on magnet style) and accommodate up to ±2mm radial offset to ease set-up and installation.

According to Curtiss-Wright, factory-programmable electronics can be easily set to one of two analogue voltage output ranges, or one of three PWM frequencies.

Additionally, the polarities of each analogue output can be set independently, with on-board diagnostic functions ensuring that the outputs are put into safe pre-defined states if an internal sensor error is detected.

The NRH305DR can be factory-set to correspond to rotations of 20 to 360deg in 1deg increments.

Industry-standard 38mm mounting centres are provided for easy replacement or upgrades. This unit replaces the company’s ‘legacy’ NRH285DR rotary position sensor and uses wear-free Hall-effect sensing technology.

A number of magnet arrangement options are available, while the design includes an over-moulded magnet carrier that simplifies the interfacing of the magnet and sensor during installation.

Optional ‘bolt, plug or loose-carrier’ variations can also be ordered.

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