Welding quality improved with laser-guided camera

Posted on 14 Apr 2018 and read 791 times
Welding quality improved with laser-guided camera A laser-guided welding camera for robots that aims to improve weld quality and reduce production costs is being introduced exclusively to the UK by Cyber-Weld, the arc-welding systems supplier for Coventry-based Fanuc UK Ltd (www.fanuc.eu).

While Cyber-Weld will “take the market lead”, Fanuc UK will support its partner by supplying the device directly to automotive manufacturers.

The main advantage of Fuji-Cam is that the hardware and software can be integrated with Fanuc’s Arc Mate welding robot series with minimum effort.

The non-contact laser vision system helps the robot to locate the precise position of welding joints in a fraction of a second.

Fuji-Cam uses an adaptive welding function that constantly adjusts the welding head to ensure optimum positioning.

Moreover, the camera is equipped with a pressurised nozzle to protect against welding spatter and fumes; it can also detect weld defects such as holes, porosity, lack of fusion and undercut.

Once the welding process is complete, the device can store all weld information in a database to aid quality control and traceability.

The Fuji-Cam is mounted on the Fanuc robot’s wrist; there is no separate control unit, and a single cable is used for both power and digital communications.

Easy diagnostic and process monitoring capability is facilitated by the camera’s Friendly User Interface Technology. All programming and control is implemented by a robot teach pendant.

The first system has been installed at Cyber-Weld’s manufacturing facility; it is working with Fanuc’s latest arc welding robot — the Arc Mate 100iD.

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