Software improves production efficiencies

Posted on 18 Apr 2018 and read 642 times
Software improves production efficienciesThe latest Predator machine-monitoring and shopfloor-control software is now available in the UK and Ireland from the CNC Training Academy, the independently operated training division of Leamington Spa-based Mills CNC Ltd (

Windows-based Predator software applications help manufacturers to improve production efficiencies by giving them the tools to undertake real-time monitoring and analysis of their machines and manufacturing processes.

In addition, Predator solutions give users the ability to capture, collate and analyse process data as a means of identifying production trends, good and bad practice, reasons for production bottlenecks, manufacturing inefficiencies and, generally, all areas requiring attention and improvement.

The full suite of Predator Software solutions also includes applications that focus on programming, such as CNC verification, machine/process simulation, and fast and effective G-code editing.

Furthermore, Predator can be synchronised with ERP and MRP systems, if required.

There are currently nine different Predator software systems available, and the CNC Training Academy is offering the top four systems to customers.

Systems can be purchased and used as stand-alone solutions or supplied as an integrated package.

The first system is Predator MDC (Manufacturing Data Collection), which gives manufacturers real-time machine monitoring and automatic data collection capabilities.

Users can track jobs, part production, machining operations, human interventions, scrap volumes, machine down-time, machine status, OEE and other KPI and performance metrics used to aid strategic decision making.

The software is supplied with a large (25,000+) library of different reports, charts, and ‘dashboard’ templates and configurations for manufacturers to use and customise.

Predator DNC allows manufacturers using different CNC and DNC networking configurations for their CNC machines, PLCs and robots to transfer programs, offsets and parameters simultaneously between different items of equipment by creating a common networking interface.

Data can be transferred by wire or wirelessly uploaded and downloaded via RS232, Ethernet or other parallel port interfaces. Support can be provided for up to 256 CNC machines, PLCs and/or robots per PC.

Predator Virtual CNC can be used with milling machines, lathes, mill-turn centres, EDM machines and laser cutters to simulate machining processes off-line.

It allows manu-facturers to check and verify processes before going into production, enabling them to identify potential issues, such as broken tools and spindle crashes.

Finally, Predator CNC Editor is a 32-bit CNC code editor. It includes hundreds of features that are designed to improve the day-to-day productivity of CNC programmers.

Among the main features are: CNC intelligent editing with undo and redo functionality; 3-D back-plotting and verification of CNC code capability; and ’File Compare’ to correct G- and M-code discrepancies.

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